[Scribus] PDF color option

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Mon Oct 22 21:31:14 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm ready to produce my first Scribus-made book, 770+ pages. Scribus
is really great, thank you all for the good work and all your help!

I noticed that there is an pdf option in the settings dialog, both
general and document, where color can be set to either printer or
monitor. I used monitor before, it looked fine on the monitor, now I
tried printer as this ought to be printed, and the colors are not as
they should be on the monitor. The pdf-file is much larger, about
20 times as big, as well.

As I already printed this book in a previous 700-page-version with
Lulu, I know that the colors come fine when they look good on the
monitor (should be rather saturated on the monitor than not, rather
oversharped than not). I fear that when I print from the
printer-specific pdf, things might go wrong. Not so nice with a book
as big as this one. I already had one misprinted copy from Lulu
(not my fault, though, got an excellent replacement copy).

Which option is the right one to choose? Is this something I should
ask the printer about or wouldn't he know what I'm talking about? It
is a company in Germany trying to find a way between Lulu and a
conventional publisher: shaker-media.de, people who talk and listen to
their authors.

Thanks a lot!


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