[Scribus] Is 1.3.4 stable enough

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Oct 18 03:58:00 CEST 2007

Marc Sabatella wrote:
> My current project is a CD design - a simple booklet, tray card, and the CD 
> itself.  I elected to use 1.3.4 because of the additional pre-press features 
> with regards to bleed & registration marks.  Even after realizing 1.3.4 was 
> not intended for production use, I was OK with this decision because the 
> project is small enough that if I need to recreate it, I know it 
> won't take all that long.  And realistically, even if 1.3.4 were fully 100% 
> rock solid, I figure there was a good chance I'd have to hand the project 
> off to someone else anyhow to recreate it using InDesign, since that is what 
> the printer I'm working with prefers.  They are willing to accept PDF, but 
> frankly, while I understand basic concepts of color management, CMYK 
> separations and so forth, I'm not completely confident I will be able to 
> hand off a PDF that conforms 100% to the specs they are looking for.  So I'm 
> treating my work with 1.3.4 as generating a mock-up that may well need to be 
> duplicated in another application when I'm done  and if I *can* simply hand 
> off the PDF I generate, that's just a bonus.  For my project, that is a 
> reasonable caveat to live with.  I don't think I would want to do anything 
> much larger this way, though.

Your printer should be able to use the PDF generated by Scribus. No 
guarantee they will, but perhaps worth trying to talk them into it.
If you have literally gotten your Scribus output exactly where you want 
it, then it should work. The trickiest part is likely to be Color 

In the long run you can do yourself and others a favor by getting more 
printers familiar with Scribus.


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