[Scribus] Is 1.3.4 stable enough

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Oct 17 14:36:43 CEST 2007

Stewart Noy wrote:
> Gregor-13 wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> There aren't many news about 1.3.4 release and the homepage still
>> offers the 
>> Does it mean 1.3.4 is not stable enough? 
>> I experienced some crashes for unknown reasons (on Vista) but I did not
>> report a bug since I could not reproduce them. 
>> I am about to begin a project (book) so I would like to know first. 
>> At my last project I was using and all went well but 1.3.4
>> offers interesting stuff. 
>> Thanks and best regards, 
>> Gregor Gresak 
> Yes, 1.3.4 is a development version and is the stable version.
> Personally I use which as some bug fixes, and seems just as stable
> as
> 1.3.4 is way too buggy for me.
1.3.4 itself is a bit of a dead-end version. Where fixes are being made, 
they go into 1.3.5, which is a version that uses qt4. 1.3.5 still isn't 
quite safe enough to recommend, especially for something like a book. If 
you can get 1.3.5svn up and running, you might make your book in 
or, then load a copy into 1.3.5svn (or 1.3.4) to see how it 
looks. A big issue with the transition to 1.3.4+ is a different handling 
of text and styles.


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