[Scribus] Color problem w/ 1.3.4

Matt Gushee matt
Fri Oct 12 20:26:12 CEST 2007

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:

>> white are inverted. So I'm not sure how to get a usable CMYK bitmap
>> image. For image editing I mainly use GIMP 2.2, which doesn't really
>> handle CMYK.
>> Anyone have a suggestion?
> If you are on *nix, you can try Krita which does colour conversion quite 
> reliably.

Thanks. In fact, that already occurred to me, and I tried Krita (it's 
quite nice--I have been using GIMP for a long time and don't generally 
care for KDE, but Krita seems well worth exploring).

But apparently just converting to CMYK isn't enough. I did that, but I 
get the same result with the Krita-converted image as with RGB (BTW, I 
am using TIFF images with LZW compression--does that make a difference?) 
Maybe, as Jan said, I need to use the same profiles in GIMP/Krita and 
Scribus. Makes sense, but on my system the two applications don't seem 
to *have* the same set of profiles available. How can I set them up to 
work together?

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