[Scribus] What the customer wants - Slightly off Topic

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Fri Oct 12 16:49:34 CEST 2007

Roger wrote:
> Observe how the end user, customer flicks through the most psychologically
> designed information packages absorbing little but focusing on the item they want.
> Unless of course the brochure or information is expressly intended to alter the
> customer perception in some way which is dishonest and loses credibility.
I's not called Dishonest - It's called Marketing! P^))

And of course - design ( Good and or Bad ) has it's place within that 
field of Human Activity! It's interesting to consider what the customer 
wants. Often they don't know until they see it and know of it! If you 
consider some of the uses of publishing in recent years it would seem 
that Apple are very dishonest - did anyone need and I Pod - or did they 
work to create demand by manipulating the client base by altering their 
perceptions through psychological means and creating an element of 
desire - perceived "Coolness"....????? The same applies to an IMac... an 
Arga ( British Cooking Range - very expensive and seen as quite a status 
symbol by many) ... a new model car.... Design will always be about 
manipulation of the viewer... and folks are still wondering about 
Leonardo and that ladies smile after many centuries!

Using image to create and direct interest is a modern tool and part of 
marketing - even if you disagree with the profligate society that results.

Folks only object to design  if they feel manipulated or recognise that 
manipulation is occurring - they don't when they go with the flow and 
feel good about where they are taken!


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