[Scribus] PDF Transparency problems?

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Thu Oct 11 12:32:44 CEST 2007


I don't believe this is a problem with Scribus generated PDF's but one 
of the companies we use for printing regularly has problems with PDFs 
generated by Scribus that have transparency. What happens is that the 
transparency around a bitmap image instead of showing as clear, is shown 
as opaque instead, thus adding a certain amount of 'blocking' around 
parts of the file.

Another printer company always prints these same files without any issues.

We're using a mixture of versions and and platforms here, so I don't 
think its a specific issue ( Windows/Linux)

The files always look fine in Acrobat Reader here, vers 7, and evince.

We have similar issues when we try and print internally to an NRG MPC 
2500 printer. I've found that PS not surprisingly as it cant handle 
transparency has issues, but also the Windows PCL driver does, but the 
Windows RPC driver is the only one that is fine.

Another printer here, an HP 3550 series is always fine with any of our 
PDFs with transparency.

Have we been unlucky? Or are there issues with printing transparency 
correctly with some printers ?

I have attached a sample PDF onto a bug report 0006351. A previous bug 
report of mine with more similarly affected files is 0005661, though I'm 
not totally sure if the problem is the same.

If you can test it to see whether it is a fully compliant PDF that would 
be really useful.

Its getting to the point we are considering note using transparent 
objects in our design just to avoid these issues which keep coming up.

Please help ! I can provide more info if required to get to the bottom 
of this.

Kind regards

Julian Robbins

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