[Scribus] First time user printing problems

Tom Stoddard tstoddard
Wed Oct 10 21:03:48 CEST 2007


My company had a graphic artist who used to produce a newsletter for us 
using InDesign on a Mac OSX computer. He has left the company and the 
duty of producing the newsletter has been given to someone in a 
different department. This person does not have access to the Mac 
computer nor does she have InDesign installed on her Windows PC. She 
told me that she had some experience using Pagemaker in the past so I 
decided I would let her have a try at using Scribus. We installed 
Scribus on her Windows 2000 SP4 PC.

She has been able to produce a newsletter that looks fine on screen but 
when she tries to print it she has all sorts of problems. I don't know 
whether the problems are a result of the way she created the document or 
the way that she has Scribus configured on her PC. I suspect it's a 
combination of both.

The problems include colors not appearing as expected, content not 
properly positioned on the page, and text appearing blurred like 

I'd like to start with the Scribus configuration to see if I'm missing 
something. We are trying to print to a Toshiba eStudio 3100C. It's a 
color laser printer/copier with an EFI fiery unit installed. We 
installed the drivers directly onto her PC. There are postscript and PCL 
drivers installed. Should we be using color management? When we try 
that, no printer specific profiles appear in any of the option boxes.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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