[Scribus] acroread 8.1.1

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Tue Oct 9 17:28:43 CEST 2007

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007 01:40:40 -0700
Benjamin Huot <benjaminhuot at comcast.net> dijo:

> I installed the .deb version on Xubuntu 7.04 on a Celeron D 2.93 Ghz  
> with 512 MB of RAM. The performance and or stability is pitiful. It  
> keeps on locking up when I try to use the menus or scroll.

I installed it on Feisty amd64 (Gnome desktop). It appears OK, but it
is only 32 bit. (Yeah, don't get me started.) And you can't access any
of the Help files and a lot of other features because those requires a
complete installation of 32-bit Firefox. Furthermore, it requires a
complete installation of 32-bit CUPS or you will not be able to see any
of your printers. You can get around the latter by sending the print
command through kprinter, but that's pathetic. 

Except for the same problem with printing, version 7.0.9 worked fine
and I can install it directly with Synaptic from the medibuntu
repositories. The only new stuff is apparently that now you can have an
online meeting with clients to get approvals and now you get to play
games with Adobe security requirements. I can't figure out why I

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