[Scribus] design and visual perception

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Tue Oct 9 10:03:00 CEST 2007

> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Avoiding_Design_Problems


Except: On my monitor (1024x768), the "Photo Montage Example" creates
a very unwanted effect.

It looks like an ugly automatic html-rearrangement at first, seen very
often (i.e. in Wikipedia, spiegel.de-printiing version), but you seem
to have used a table (didn't bother to look at the source, but must
be). Anyway, a horizontal scroll bar is introduced, the whole design
intention (to show good design) is lost.

The idea probably is to not be boring by adjusting all pictures to the
left, switching from left to right instead. But this is just a bad
habit and shallow thinking. You want the eye to compare three versions
which are not presented under equal conditions in the first place.
It's a difference if you put a picture left or right. The same
reasoning applies to the table example, for that matter.

Html-design is another thing, though. I understand you want to
educate print design with the help of the monitor.


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