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Erik Stokhof erik.stokhof
Thu Oct 4 11:45:09 CEST 2007

Thank you Louis,
I was afraid of that... trying to shift from Indesign to Scribus (crazy, i
know...) But i wil do it like this and then hope for quick implementation in
a next version.

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2007/10/4, Erik Stokhof <erik.stokhof at isogen-lifescience.com>:
Hi all,
I have a very newbie question... I'm trying to create a bullet list in
Scribus, but I am unable to find the options (text box, F2, text tab... all
kinds of options, but nothing relating to text).

Can anybody tell me where that options is, or if it really doesn't

This option is not implemented yet. It is coming.

Meanwhile, here is how to create any kind of lists. It says it's for version
1.2.x but it works in fact with any version.




Please don't tell me I need to write <bullet><space><text> :) 



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