[Scribus] Adjust script (trait_de_coupe.py)

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Oct 3 16:23:44 CEST 2007

myyers wrote:
> Hi,
> as recommended in this mailing list I use the script trait_de_coupe.py 
> to insert crop marks into a pdf. That's fine but I have to adjust the
> position of the marks (which is no problem). I would like to change the
> length of the crop marks either which is a problem.

>     t1 = createLine(x, y-4, x, y-9)

Here is where the line length is determined -- the second set of x,y 
coordinates. So in this example, the length of the line is 0 x units, 5 
y units - a vertical line.

This is all in Help > Scribus Manual (F1) > For Developers > Scripter API

One of the nonsequiturs here is that in Properties, "Width" is length, 
in Scripter "setLineWidth" refers to thickness.


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