[Scribus] Bugs in 1.3.4 I could not announce in bugs.scribus.net.

alexandre suzuki alex_o_suzuki
Wed Oct 3 02:14:23 CEST 2007

I did a scribus file to generate a javascripted
pdf with 2 input numeric fields that determine
a third numeric field(output field),the output
field has custom javascript for a calculation
(In the Calculate tab).All works well with the
pdf,it fullfills its mission,but only if we
generate the pdf right after the design of the
scribus file(in the same session),if the next
day we get the file and change some parameter
in the calculation code(for example) and
generate a pdf this changed pdf no longer works,
and don?t even accept input in the input field.
(It is not any error in the changed javascript 
code it works perfectly if we design the scribus
file from scratch).In fact,if we change a single
letter anywhere in the scribus file the changed
corresponding pdf doesn?t work.I have Debian Linux
3.1 PowerPC and Scribus-1.3.4.,saved in PDF1.5
(Acrobat6) or PDF1.4(Acrobat4) does not matter.

P.S. The same problem happens even if we don?t
     change anything in the file,happens if
     we simply try to generate a pdf in other
     session(next day for example) with
     EXACTLY the same saved scribus file.
     The custom javascript does not have
     anything related to dates.

2)When I leave (Exit) scribus with a document
  open(after exporting a pdf for example) often 
  it "crashes due to signal 11".I haven?t tested
  simply with the document open.
  When I first close the document in the upper-
  right cross,then Exit,the same does not happen 
  but only recently I use this last method.

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