[Scribus] EasyPose Extra-Features

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Tue Oct 2 13:26:41 CEST 2007


As it was said by Robert pdflatex is part of the tetex-live packages
But there is a shortcut installing pdfjam package...

apt-get install pdfjam

But depending on the distro, there are a lot of files this command will 
download... ^_^

To execute EasyPose, unzip the file in a folder and after gambas 
installed you just type

gbx path_of_easypose_folder/easypose

You can create a shotcut on your desktop or your menu system.

I know it is not the better way to distribute programs on Linux, as soon 
as the interface is solid and, most important, all features are well 
tested and applyed, there will be a port for some more common language ^_^

Jason Jordan escreveu:
> On Mon, 01 Oct 2007 14:24:28 -0300
> Celso Junior <celsojr2007 at yahoo.com.br> dijo:
>> Althought EasyPose has a long way to go before it starts to be called 
>> professional (for real), I am putting some new features that might be 
>> usefull for someone, someday ^_^.
>> Here is some of 'em:
>> Automatic Cover for Books
> I've been noting the posts on EasyPose, but have ignored it, since I have little experience compiling from source. However, book covers are things I need to do frequently, so now I'm really interested. I'm using Scribus on Feisty amd64.
> However, I have a couple problems:
> 1) The download for EasyPose doesn't seem to work. The Save button in my browser is grayed out:
> http://br.geocities.com/celsojr2005/easypose/
> 2) I note from the above page that I need gambas, Ghostscript, ImageMagick and pdflatex. I can install gambas with Synaptic, Ghostscript is already installed, as is ImageMagick, but I can't find pdflatex. Where can I get pdflatex?
> 3) Once I get the EasyPose source file downloaded, can someone tell a newbie how to go about compiling it?
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