[Scribus] Project management

John Thornton jdthornton
Mon Oct 1 09:45:19 CEST 2007

Hello all!
              It's gone well so far in my first week in the land of Scribus. 
Except for one thing: I am having trouble creating lists of contents. I 
mentioned this before. Since then I have found a tool in Scribus that should 
make them, but nothing appears in my document when I use it. \

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> [snip]
>> > The project directory could be a local directory or one created in a
>> > remote server or whatever.
> This is sounding more and more like OS X's *.app folder structure to
> me, and it might be the way to go. This way, all elements are in the
> {/snip}
> Its also like the way the QT Designer, Blender, and other software works.
> While we work on a project, everything is separate but when assembled for
> production the components are assembled into one .sla.
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