[Scribus] Tahoma Font

Laurie Iseman liseman
Wed Nov 28 19:35:00 CET 2007

As Cedric wrote:
All of us know that Arial is a somewhat problematic font. In particular,
a thick ll appears in PDF, when displayed on screen. I've known about
that and kept clear of Arial.

I was really surprised to export a PDF with Arial and discover the issue
does not appear on Foxit Reader, but only on Adobe Reader 8.1 !

Any explanation as Arial remains a pleasant font to work with?


I have been using Tahoma for a small monthly newsletter that I publish
and have not had any problems when saving to a PDF but today when I do
it I am getting a bold black line on all the letter l's.  I am using
version in Windoze. I have version on my machine as
well and tried it with that version and got the same result.  Any
input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Laurie Iseman

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