[Scribus] Foxit vs Adobe

frank gaude' tanzen
Wed Nov 28 15:35:55 CET 2007

Cedric Sagne wrote:
> To add to my latest post, I fiddled with fonts and managed not to get 
> Arial into the PDF, not even as outline.
> PDF is http://www.poeware.com/arialtest.pdf
> On Windows, it should look fine unless you uninstalled Arial. Can users 
> of Linux and Mac tell me what it looks like (screenshot sent to my email 
> really fine). I believe Arial may be called, but not found so possibly a 
> funny result.
> Please confirm
Your PDF looks fine, correct in my Ubuntu Linux box using the default 
PDF reader, Evince. I do have Arial installed on the system, and use it 
often without a hitch.


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