[Scribus] scribus to word

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Nov 27 16:27:43 CET 2007

On Tuesday 27 November 2007 15:25:47 Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Fritz Eichelhardt wrote:
> > i didn't try to convince anybody to use any other program.
> > instead, i collect the articles and pictures and do the scribus-job.
> >
> > then the others get a pdf to have a look at.
> >
> > if changes are needed, i ask for new versions or do the changes myself.
> >
> > in that way, we do the job within 1 week.
> >
> > what's more important:
> > thank's a lot for marvellous scribus.
> > i pity very much, that i'm to stupid and to poor to contribute.
> Actually you are contributing by offering these comments -- they will be
> meaningful to those wish to migrate to Scribus.

True, but still, people only need some spare time to help. It's often not very 
obvious for anyone where they can help out if they cannot code or help with 
sponsorship money, but there are many areas that can be helped, like the 
exciting new documentation project for one. Even in that case, the most basic 
help of making suggestions to existing content, or writing some, or 
proofreading etc can help.


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