[Scribus] How to create barcodes in scribus

Marc Sabatella marc
Tue Nov 20 16:23:02 CET 2007

>I did get the Scribus barcode genertor to work, but fiund the results 
>unsatisfactory - they didn't lend themselves to cropping / resizing.  Or at 
>least, I couldn't figure out how to do so without messing it up.  In the 
>past I used a utility that came with some software I bought, but that was 
>three computers and two OS's ago.  So I just browsed around online and 
>found a free online java-based barcode generator that worked fine.  Sorry, 
>I don't remember which, but Google was quite helpful - there were several 
>that seemed like they could do the job.
> To resize,
> 1. Click in the 'barcode box'
> 2. grab one of the corners and pull it to the size you want

Thanks, but I know how to resize things in general.  it's just that results 
looked terrible with the barcodes - the relative size and spacing of the 
bars did not appear to be held perfectly constant, and it seemed unlikely to 
me that the resize graphic would scan correctly.  I think this is because 
the barcode is implemented as a group of vector graphics rather than a 
bitmapped image, and perhaps there is an option somewhere to make these 
types of elements resize more correctly.  Or maybe it was just a bug in 

Marc Sabatella
marc at outsideshore.com

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