[Scribus] Help creating barcodes in Scribus

AKS ariane
Thu Nov 15 20:43:46 CET 2007

Hi Scribus,
I need to generate barcode graphics that can be integrated into label
I installed the latest Ghostscript and the gswin32.exe for Scribus for
my Windows XP Pro machine. (I know that the directions said to install
gswin32c.exe, but that wasn't available for download from sourceforge.)
All went smoothly with installation and the program launched smoothly
and quickly. I immediately opened a new document and then went through
the menu to the barcode generator and created a UPC-A (which is the
standard size barcode), just to do a test run (I need to generate tiny
barcodes that will fit on very small bottle labels.) 
And then.... >>>>>>>>>>> Nothing. Nada. I did this over and over and
over again and despite seeing the little screen pop up that shows a
progress bar of the barcode supposedly being generated - if anything is
being generated, I have no idea where it is.
There are no directions ANYWHERE and I've searched everywhere and
everyphrase I can think of. I found other people also desperately
seeking help with how to use the barcode generator, but no answers. All
I need to do is create barcode graphics that I can send to our graphic
designer to embed into the label designs. 
PLEASE help! Simple step-by-step directions would be very appreciated.
Much thanks,
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