[Scribus] Vectors and Scribus

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Nov 18 21:44:01 CET 2007

Richard schrieb:
> I have recently read about someone who's using scribus just to draw
> nice figures, and i haven't receive any kind of answer to a question
> about something alike.
> I use scribus to compose and draw, but i need now to send a cutting
> plotter job and the design manager doesn't want to receive anything
> other than CorelDRAW .cdr files. I know i can send him svg so he can
> import it on corel but he does not want it, i think he does not want
> to get mess with the job, he seems to know not much much about
> computers, design, etc.. and think he is affraid to mess something
> up... !!!
> I would like to know if there is any way to convert a scribus file to
> coreldraw format or if is there any way to use scribus for the
> printing task on a cutting plotter. Because if that's the case i could
> take my laptop with me and ask him to let me use my computer to make
> him see that something is possible, and get sure his computer will be
> kept safe.
> THanks in advance.

Richard, I don't know anything about that plotter, but if anything else
fails, I own a copy of CorelDraw 11 and if you sent me the SVG, I can
import it into Corel and save it as CDR :-)



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