[Scribus] Text difficulties

Jeff Lasman blists
Sun Nov 18 18:54:09 CET 2007

On Thursday 15 November 2007 02:26 pm, stu seven wrote:

> +  hmmm... dunno if Id go so far as to call Scribus "buggy" :-)

Like James, I'm having a lot of problems adjusting from pagemaker 6.5 to 
Scribus.  But unlike Jeffrey Place, I don't think Scribus is "buggy"; I 
just think it's quite different.  I have an acquaintance who has never 
used PageMaker and he has no problems teaching me how to do what I need 
to do in Scribus.

So I guess I'd say Scribus is "different"; in fact different enough that 
it's hard for this old man to adjust.

> but... if you're having problems adjusting from all those high-price
> programs, maybe try OpenOffice ?  Its enormous in size...
> works more like microsoft word... but you can use graphics
> text and it does PDF output.

And it's close to impossible to do useful forms design in.

For example.  I have a multi-column form (sorry, I don't have time to 
anonymize it today well enough to post it before I leave on a vacation 
tomorrow morning) that took me about a half hour to build in PM6.5 from 
a pencil sketch.

I've spent at least ten hours on it in Scribus (no, I'm not blaming 
Scribus), and I haven't even figured out where to begin in 
OpenOffice.org (there's a legal reason why it's called OpenOffice.org 
and not OpenOffice, and the team asks everyone to always add the .org 

So I still have an old Windows98SE system running.  It's not on the 'net 
and it can't run any of my printers, but at least I can create PDFs in 

I would like to move on, but similarly to James, I'm stumped a lot of 
times in a lot of places.  I'll try some of Gregory's suggestions.

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