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avox avox
Sat Nov 17 19:33:04 CET 2007

William F. Maddock wrote:
> My problem with the way the list seems to like their replies is that  
> several (at least) refuse to remove what they are not replying to, with  
> the result being that you have to scroll through piles and piles of  
> what was exactly the same in the previous 10 or 20 posts in the thread  
> before you have a prayer of finding a new reply. They act arrogantly  
> toward those who prefer a different way of posting, yet they refuse to  
> look at the problems with the way THEY do it. Either learn to trim the  
> fat, or top post so we can easily see your reply.

I totally agree with you about the necessity to trim the stuff one is 
replying to; and I guess most anti-top-posters will agree, too.

Would be nice if the top-posters removed the unneeded stuff, too!
(how difficult is it to type Ctrl-A DEL before starting to top post? ;-) )

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