[Scribus] wmf export in scribus

Robin Haunschild H
Sat Nov 17 18:18:28 CET 2007


am Samstag, 17. November 2007 17:54 schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> Robin Haunschild wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > although I usually prefer eps graphics, it would be great if
> > Scribus could export wmf files
> > (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Metafile) in future versions
> > because Openoffice can use wmf files more efficiently than eps
> > files. Are there patent problems about I do not know concerning the
> > wmf file format?
> so you're exporting from Scribus to openoffice? Gasp!

Well, more or less only use Scribus to create nice figures. If I write 
something privately, I export them from Scribus to LaTeX but 
unfortunally, my boss refuses to use LaTeX. He is used to work with 
Word and does not want to change this habit. Therefore, everything he 
wants to have digitally I have to provide in a Word-Doc format. 
However, MS-Word and OpenOffice need a huge amount of resources after 
importing 10 eps figures. Although eps and wmf are vector graphics, I 
didn't find such behaviour for wmf files. Anyway my (ugly) workaround 
now is to create figures in Scribus, exporting them as eps, renaming 
them, importing them into Corel Draw and finally exporting them as wmf 
files. The last step is obviously the nastiest one. ;)
It would be much easier to directly export figures from Scribus in eps 
and wmf format (for my and my bosses use). ;)

Best regards,

Robin Haunschild
<H at unschild.de>

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