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avox avox
Sat Nov 17 14:00:23 CET 2007

stu seven wrote:
> +  ... someone has taken the time to complain about "top posting"...
> it's "poor etiquette", they say.
>      Top posting... a favored style of many... is a fast and
> convenient way of replying to informal message board or email
> messages... its eliminates the need for scrolling through long
> messages to find the reply, or, ever find a spot to type a reply
> at all.


personally I consider top-posting only half as obnoxious as HTML
mails, so there's no need to get agitated about it.
And of course top-posting is perfectly fine if you hit Ctrl-A DEL
before top-posting. :-)

>      Posting styles vary, and, where I can see the "etiquette" issue
> possibly arising in a classroom setting, in a real world setting, it
> is inapplicable.  Example... everything we were taught about
> "proper typing" in school, is, in the professional world, virtually
> discarded... the secretaries giggle when they see "typing class"
> style output... it simply isnt used any more.
>      I suppose it would have been easier just to delete the etiquette
> whine : - )

If you take another look at my whine you'll see that I called that 
"best practices", not rules. And I also gave reasons why those
practices are better than others in my view.

Posts to a mail list are read by far more readers than ordinary
emails, and are used over a longer timeframe with the help of 
archives. To me it makes sense that the writer should take some
extra care & time before posting instead of pushing the inconveniencies
to the readers.

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