[Scribus] short note on ML netiquette

Andreas Vox avox
Fri Nov 16 18:28:32 CET 2007

Hi all,

as you all know we don't have any strict rules for our mailing list,
but I'd like to promote some "best practices" which make it easier
for others to follow the ML.

Only reply to messages you are answering to, otherwise people
will wonder eg. how "applying styles" is related to "color management".
Most mail programs will happily auto-complete the Scribus ML address
when you type "scr" into the "To:" field of a new message.

Use a proper subject. A subject line like "Welcome to the Scribus  
mailing list"
is less likely to attract readers than "Need help with using 1.3.4  
Also try to be somewhat specific, eg. not using just "Help!" or  
When you reply to a message with an unappropiate subject line, feel  
free to
correct it.

Don't top-post, as explained in this thread:

Because it makes the message difficult to read.

 >Why not?


 >>>So you say I should *not* put my answer above the quoted msg?


Don't use HTML formatting. Most of us use pure-text readers which
will garble any HTML. Also the archives only store messages as text.
I personally often ignore HTML formatted messages since they are so
difficult to read for me, so you'll loose readers as well.

DON'T SHOUT. Using all capital letters is considered rude. It's ok  
but fellow developer subik over-did it this time. GOT IT, SUBIK? :-)
(he'll probably explain he was using some out-dated mainframe mailing  
which converted the subject line to caps and he can't help it.)

Be nice. Have fun. Take it easy. Don't panic.


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