[Scribus] Flowing Text into Text boxes.

Roger hovergo
Fri Nov 16 01:23:18 CET 2007

Hi Joan, welcome to Scribus.
For instance, I
need to have my text flow from one page to the next.  I think I have
done what the tutorial tells me to do, however, I just get the
original text pasted in the new page.

There's a bit of a trick in getting text to flow from one text box to another,
it stumps me at times to.

Have your 2 pages displayed on the screen, create a text box on the first page.
Then create another text box on the second page, note that when you click off the
first text box it seems to disappear.
Now <Get Text> to place the text into the first text box.
With that text box selected, hold down <shift> and select the second page text
box so both are highlighted / selected..

Now click on the icon in the top selection panel that looks like 2 pages
separated by a triangle (about 7 in from the right) this links the 2 text boxes.
Last click in the second text box and your overflow text should appear.
Its a bit convoluted but works for me.

The other trick I use is to use smaller text boxes to start with, about 100 mm
square, then drag then in size and position after setting the <Properties><Text>
settings such as justification, word spacing and text width, columns, column
spacings and all the other stuff.

I always justify text to the full width of the text box borders then set the
word spacing to -2 with a size 9 font as this gets rid of excess spaces in lines
of text with few words and it can be adjusted afterwards.

You need to do the settings in each of the text boxes because the settings don't
appear to follow into subsequent text boxes, this allows one to have entirely
differing settings in each text box, which can be a blessing and curse..


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