[Scribus] opening 1339 files in 134

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Thu Nov 15 13:58:58 CET 2007

avox a ?crit :
> Mario Colombo wrote:
>> Hello there
>> I just gave Scribus 1.3.4 a try and noticed that Scribus couldn't
>> handle my *.sla files anymore once opened by Scribus 1.3.4. I didn't even
>> save them. Just opening sla-files renders them unreadable to Scribus
> Make sure to switch off autosave in 133x (and save the file) before you open
> it in 134.

Ha. This is a trap any (unaware) user could easily fall into (and even 
an aware user).

I am unable to check this now but in any event I would strongly suggest 
the tooltip be made clear and even more than that, a clear warning on 
the website, in the download or installation notes for the unstable branch.

This kind of settings (like auto-save) usually get forgotten by users. 
In this case it can create more problems than one can think on the first 

Of course, there is always something called a back-up that is always a 
good idea to have at hand. :)


> /Andreas

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