[Scribus] Fwd: import scalable... anything... into Scribus ?

rcook at pcug.org.au rcook
Wed Nov 14 03:27:18 CET 2007

> +    I know, in principle, Scribus allows SVGs to be imported...
> for me, this seems to work only with very small SVGs.
>     Scribus also seems to optimize it's PDF output... which
> should be good... except that, when I put a PDF-d image in
> the scribus document, it ruins it... re-optimizes it... sort of
> like drinking your soda twice(?).
>     So here is my question... is anyone having success
> including SVGs, or, other scalable format files in scribus
> documents ?

I just wonder where your difficulty may be. What symptoms show when you
try to import a "large" svg?

Would this be on windows or a mac or a linux box? What version of Scribus
are you using?


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