[Scribus] DRop shadow.

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Tue Nov 13 16:26:07 CET 2007

Err... I could be wrong but. are we not going too far for what a DTP app 
is made for?

See, If a text is filled with effects like drop shadows, isn't it 
belonging to the Illustration field? I'm thinking in some designer using 
a hypotetical drop shadow effect in a text frame, full of text, and 
screaming about "how slow scribus is".... O_o
We saw an example made under Indesign, some creator designed a book 
cover and wrote the word "bible" a few dozens of times...mixing colors, 
transparency effects and shadows and ... so much crep.... I was not a 
suprise that he just could not print that thing... But if he just had 
used an illustration or image effect program, the rasterized output 
would require so much less from the publishg app and the job would be 
done so easylly that beats me the reason the new generation publishing 
apps add that kind of resources... I hope scribus does not follow that 
way too... the basic is there and there is not that much to be worried 
about... ^_^

That's only my oppinion...

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