[Scribus] [ANN] My first plugin: ScripterNG

Henning Schröder henning.schroeder
Tue Nov 13 02:11:55 CET 2007


I sat down and tried to learn cmake, sip and more of C++. After fixing
the myplugin example ;) I wrote my  first Scribus plugin.
The result is available at http://henning.cco-ev.de/scribus/scripterng.tgz

My new scripter plugin works similar to Kross because you don't have
to wrap every class, but only declare methods as slots. Currently only
one call is possible:
ScripterNG automatically exposes all properties, slots and child
objects: aboutScripterNG() is a slot of a QObject called ScripterNG
which parent is QApplication::instance()

More can be added easily. Help would be appreciated :) See also
Perhaps someone could  also help me with cmake?

I tried to keep the C++ part as small as possible. A lot of stuff can
be implemented in PyQt, e.g. the script console. Even enabling
QtScript (a Javascript implementation) or DBUS would be possible with
a few lines of code!

If the Scribus team is interesed in my code I would happily donate it.


PS: There still seems to be a problem in loading the module. Call
scribus from INSTALLPREFIX/lib/scribus/plugins/scripterng

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