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avox avox
Sat Nov 10 22:45:32 CET 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> avox wrote:
>> Marc Sabatella wrote:
>>> I've reported a couple of bugs lately, and am wondering if there are 
>>> standards regarding the "severity" field.  I know everyone always thinks
>>> the 
>>> bugs that affect *them* are more serious than others might think, and I 
>>> don't take it *personally* that one of my reports was downgraded in 
>>> severity.  But this does suggest that if there are standards for
>>> determining 
>>> severity, it would be great if they were public and perhaps open for 
>>> critique.  And if there are not, I think there should be.
>> No, we don't have  a fixed standard for that, just some rules-of-thumb.
>> "feature" is reserved for feature requests (in contrast to bug reports)
>> "crash" is self-expalnatory
>> "block" is an issue that must be fixed before the next release. We use
>> meta-issues
>> of that category to collect all issues we want to have fixed in the next
>> release.
>> The remaining categories are:
>> "trivial"
>> "text"
>> "tweak"
>> "minor"
>> "major"
>> The default is "minor".
>> IIRC "text" is used for spelling erros and the like.
>> IMHO one of "tweak" or "trivial" is superflous.
>> I guess we choose the severity mainly based on how visible a bug is, that
>> means how many users might run into it. On that scale your bug would
>> classify as "minor" since registration marks aren't used by all users.
>> OTOH we treat any bug that causes a job to fail at the print service
>> bureau
>> as "major", "crash" or "block".
>> Following your explanation, I agree that your bug should be treated as
>> this.
>> Maybe we should introduce a new category for this kind of bugs, eg.
>> "jobfailure" or something like that.
> I have a hard time with this. I submitted a bug for the fact that text 
> flowing around Bounding Boxes doesn't work at all, so it was a severe 
> bug from that perspective, even though it doesn't otherwise impair
> Scribus.

Well, the question if this is a major or minor bug will remain subjective. 
The good new is that most minor bugs get fixed just as fast as major bugs.

We schedule the fixing of issues ad hoc, so there's limited possibility to
the speed of fixing from the bugtracker. For example, I try to group my bugs
into groups like "canvas related", "text related", "ps import related" etc.
At one
time I concentrate on one group only.
Also easy-to-fix bugs tend to jump the queue no matter how low their
severity. :-)

Issues which are difficult to fix because they need major rewrite will be
according to the roadmap. Advanced OTF support is one of those, another is 
the new text layouter.

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