[Scribus] PDF importing and colour problems

Pierre Marchand capparis
Fri Nov 9 17:20:48 CET 2007

It seems that you?ll have to preprocess a bit the material before you can 
include it in your document. I don?t know how high is the complexity of your 
input PDFs, but you can first extract pictures from them. In my opinion, with 
such a workflow, you?ll fast hit issues in Scribus as, AFAIK, it does not 
expect PDF files to be a container for graphics contents but a final output. 
Thus, it does _not_ offer to import them, it provides a shortcut to place a 
rendered PDF. And in your case, I wouldn?t rely on this shortcut.

I know it won?t help too much, but I?m very curious to see how you?ll finally 
get it with Scribus ;-)

Pierre Marchand

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