[Scribus] How to Convert photos to cmyk

Brett Shand brett
Wed Nov 7 21:21:58 CET 2007

> Hi, I need some help. I'm using scribus on windows
> vista. I have made a design for a book cover. It is made out of
> photos. Everything worked fine until I sent it to the press in pdf.
> They said that the pdf's not OK because the photos are in RGB.
> After that, I tried to export using pdf x-3, and choose a cmyk
> output profile but it didn't help. I don't have much experience
> with color management. My question is how can I convert photos to
> cmyk?

There is a nice piece of freeware (rgb2cmyk) here:


that runs on windows xp (not sure about vista).

It converts only uncompressed TIF files - ie it doesn't support LZW compression. 

I haven't used it a lot but it seems to a good job.



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