[Scribus] eps export

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Wed Nov 7 12:40:15 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have produced pdf files with PHP and fpdf for art catalogs and have
them printed through Lulu -- they were as great as could be
expected. Out of 4 prints, 2 were misprinted, though, one of them
having a strong red tint, for example, but they reprinted and it was

Now I want to print here in Germany and the printer tells me that they
can't get it right. They have the latest digital printer equipment,
but colors are bad, in partcular red comes as orange or brown.

In the meantime, I reworked my Scribus-1.2.4-made flyer for the big
catalog with and noticed that my laser printer would not get
the colors right. I remembered that I manipulated the colors in
Scribus, reducing brightness, adding contrast, so I reworked that
until I was content. 

Next I produced a pdf file from that to send to the printer. Having a
look at that, I noticed that the colors were not ok, looking kind of
dirty. I printed that and colors were very faint. Now I thought I
might have that same problem on the catalog files and called my
printer. It turned out that they didn't print from the pdf but
produced a ps file from that. So I thought I should produce eps files
from Scribus as a test, not being a problem with just 2 pages. But
this turned out to be a real one. The first page has 17 MB, the second
only 175 KB - both have the same load of pictures, so I wondered what
that could be.

No I wanted to have a look at that with the latest Ghostview for
Windows. Both files show empty pages and an error message, something
like out of bounds. Hm. What's wrong. Looks like I need help. Anyone?

By the way, I printed the same page from my Lulu pdf and the new pdf
and both look the same, and they look faint.

Mit freundlichen Gr??en
Werner Popken 


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