[Scribus] My blog post about TeX-enhanced Scribus

John Culleton john
Tue Nov 6 15:56:19 CET 2007

The newest development version of Scribus, 1.3.5, has a better interface and 
at least one significant new feature. It is now possible to create a "LaTeX" 
frame, add text, and have it typeset by the superior (but not wsiwyg) TeX 
typesetting system. Initially this feature was added to make use of the math 
typesetting facility of TeX. But the builders added more than they knew. 
First it is possible to use pdftex instead of pdflatex. With either variety 
of TeX It is possible to just key in text and get the superior H&J routines 
of real TeX. I will experiment with other advanced features of TeX to push 
the envelope as far as possible.  A future enhancement may allow the linking 
of LaTeX frames similar to the way ordinary text frames are linked now. 

The useful features of TeX in connection with Scribus can be accessed through 
pdflatex, but the less verbose pdftex provides a more direct and less complex 
path to them. 

This new facility may lead to an extraordinary fusion of the Quarkish  product 
Scribus, which has many layout virtues, and the special features of TeX such 
as the newest feature microtypography.  This fusion would rival not only 
Quark but also InDesign.
John Culleton
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