[Scribus] PDF importing quality

Ville Aakko ville.aakko
Sun Nov 4 19:14:44 CET 2007


I'm using Scribus to create a private book for a group of people. The
book will have advertisement to cover the printing costs. Most
advertisers send their ads in PDF format (containg both text and
iamges). The size of the advertisements ranges from 210x297 mm to a
qurter (105x148mm) of an A4 page. The problem is, that the PDF
"importing" of scribus is of unacceptable quality - either that, or,
I'm not using it properly.

If I've understood correctly, Scribus currently only converts PDFs to
a bitmap image. But Scribus uses a resolution that is way too little
for any real use - it seems that usually at maximum I can get 72 DPI,
when the printing job will be 300 DPI! If I create a PDF from scribus
to be given to a print house, the quality from the imported PDF's is
noticeable degraded even on my computer screen (compared to the
original material)! Also, I noticed that for some reason Scribus
creates images of slightly different sizes from individual PDF files,
but still roughly only 1/4 of the resolution that would be needed.

Now, is there a way to control how large images Scribus creates from
the imported PDF's? Or is there an utility, which I can use to create
bitmaps of certain size, to be imported in to Scribus?

Scribus is a nice project indeed, but IMHO poor support for PDF
importing is the major flaw, and seems to be the showstopper for me.
Around here, PDF seems to be the de facto format for transferring
material to be printed from patrons (though, I do think that a lot of
people could claim that is shouldn't be).

Hope Scribus gets bettter support for PDF in the near future! In the
meantime, does anyone got any workarounds for the problem?

 - Ville

Ville Aakko - ville.aakko at gmail.com

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