[Scribus] Handling of frame strokes

Thomas Zastrow listen
Thu May 31 21:10:23 CEST 2007

Franz Schmid schrieb:
> avox schrieb:> > > Jeff Lasman wrote:>> On Tuesday 29 May 2007 02:17 pm, Magyar B?lint wrote:>>> Frank Cox wrote:>>>> I think that putting the line inside of the defined frame>>>> would indeed make it easier.>>> How about making it an option instead?>> Personally that makes no sense.  If you want a box of 50mmX50mm you >> really want the frame inside.  Ask any carpenter.  >>> > Uh, carpenting...> > > >> Which is why the >> other programs (in my case PM) does it that way.>>> > In our case there is at least one very good reason to make it an option:> existing Scribus documents. We can make it the default for new textframes,> but when loading legacy objects there has to be a way to achieve the old> behaviour.> > Also I'm not 100% sure if people wouldn't want the old behaviour, especially> for thin lines, or even lines totally outside of the frame...> > /AndreasAs far as i know Adobe's Indesign has 3 Options here,a) on the Frame as Scribus currently does.b) on the inside of the Framec) on the outer side of the Frame

Franz, it would be realy great to handle this optional :-)

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