[Scribus] Forcing styles

H A R R I S S O N harrisson
Thu May 31 13:41:59 CEST 2007

Once imported from .odt document, we can't find a way to "force style" 


We are currently setting a workflow based on FLOSS for a magazine, using 
Open Office and Scribus.
We defined styles in Open Office and in Scribus, using the same names.
We imported it in scribus, (merging name styles).

Text imports well, but:

In the Story Editor (and in the property boxe), styles mentionned for 
paragraphs, are all "no style".
If another style is given to a paragraph, paragraph takes the new style 
name, but nothing changes in the document. And a "+" appears on the side 
of the style name: "style +" (In Quark, such sign would indicate that 
elements in the paragraph are not corresponding to the definition of 
style. Clicking style with "alt" key would force the style on the whole 
Resetting "no style" changes nothing.

Problem found on Scribus 1.3.4, both on ubuntu and OSX


New scribus 1.3.4 is a great step futher. Thank you so much for the bleeds!

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