[Scribus] Barcode generator price suffix.

Craig Ringer craig
Thu May 31 04:08:16 CEST 2007

Lou deMartelly wrote:
> P L E A S E take me off your mailing list.
>   Scribus doesn't seem to accept input from any form of OpenOffice Writer output.  I am not interested any longer and I don't want the deluge of complaint mail on which I seem to be included.

It's remarkably rude to spam unrelated threads like this. If you do not
want to receive mail, unsubscribe yourself using the instructions you
are given in EVERY SINGLE EMAIL from the list.

If you've tried that and want help from the list manager because you are
for some reason unable to unsubscribe (this would be pretty odd, but
anything is possible) please tell so rather than spamming the list with
unnecessary replies on unrelated threads. You may not wish to remain on
the list, but others are trying to use it for useful discussion, and you
are disrupting that.

Craig Ringer

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