[Scribus] Handling of frame strokes

Thomas Zastrow listen
Tue May 29 20:05:22 CEST 2007

Hi there,

I think, we already had this topic some (years? months?) time ago, but I 
can't find it anymore.

In my oppinion, Scribus handles strokes of frames in a strange way. For 
example, create a frame and set it's size to 50 x 50 mm. Then, set the 
color of the strokes to black and the size of the strokes to a big 
value, for example 10 pt. Scribus now draws a line around the frame with 
the border of the frame as the line's middle. The result is that the 
frame itself grows to more than 50 x 50 mm - the size of the frame is no 
longer exactly defined.

When I look ar QuarkXpress or InDesign, both are handling strokes this 
way: Putting the lines of the stroke *inside* the frame, so that the 
content place of the frame shrinks, but the size is still correct 
defined. I think, that this is the more intuitive way.

What do you think?




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