[Scribus] Kerning problems with pdftotext

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri May 25 04:25:06 CEST 2007

Le Tigre wrote:
> lucien.taylor at oxil.co.uk a ?crit :
>>> Shouldn't you already have the texts with your Scribus doc? No need  
>>> to extract them from a pdf. Could use those when indexing.
>> Yes, of course .. but that would be a new manual system to accommodate  
>> for Scribus documents only.  We *automatically* parse pdf, docs, and  
>> xhtml for indexing and text-to-speech services.  The texttopdf lib  
>> works like a dream with adobe generated pdfs, therefore it works for  
>> our customers, which include government departments where  
>> accessibility is a big issue.  However, it does not work with our own  
>> Scribus documents and we are looking for a general solution.
>> We welcome the fact that this has been registered as a bug.  Although  
>> absolute positioning is useful for print and screen rendering, it is  
>> still text, and the final output should eventually be machine  
>> readable, if only for accessibility reasons. However, I can accept  
>> that the Scribus team have other things on their plate right now and I  
>> appreciate the suggested work-arounds.
>> Lucien
>> Oxford Information Labs
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> One solution would (and maybe will) be a good export from Scribus files
> of all texts (like "collect for output", but just text frames), or, of
> course, the great workflow solution that we would all like to have!!
Sounds like a job for a script.
One of the scripts I wrote a while back would spit out a list of all 
frames in document to a text file, and as I recall, for images it listed 
the filename, for text frames the contents. Now it was a bit simple in 
its initial incarnation, in that it took the shortcut of relying on the 
default name for the type of frame, but I'm sure it could be modified.

If I can just remember what I called it and which of my various 
computers it's on. (not this one)


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