[Scribus] Kerning problems with pdftotext

lucien.taylor at oxil.co.uk lucien.taylor
Thu May 24 20:54:48 CEST 2007

> Shouldn't you already have the texts with your Scribus doc? No need  
> to extract them from a pdf. Could use those when indexing.

Yes, of course .. but that would be a new manual system to accommodate  
for Scribus documents only.  We *automatically* parse pdf, docs, and  
xhtml for indexing and text-to-speech services.  The texttopdf lib  
works like a dream with adobe generated pdfs, therefore it works for  
our customers, which include government departments where  
accessibility is a big issue.  However, it does not work with our own  
Scribus documents and we are looking for a general solution.

We welcome the fact that this has been registered as a bug.  Although  
absolute positioning is useful for print and screen rendering, it is  
still text, and the final output should eventually be machine  
readable, if only for accessibility reasons. However, I can accept  
that the Scribus team have other things on their plate right now and I  
appreciate the suggested work-arounds.

Oxford Information Labs

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