[Scribus] [1.3.4cvs] *Save* don't save fine (styles)

Aurelien orl
Wed May 23 19:07:55 CEST 2007

Hi !

I don't know if it comes from my way to use the thing but I'm
experiencing a problem :

When I save a document in which there are some styles used, sometimes
with some changes on a same line (color, bold, etc.), when I reopen it
later, the styles which are saved are not the good ones !
It's a bit complicated for me to explain that in English.
As I don't know if taht's a bug, perhaps someone could try to reproduce
it by him.

So, I'm with the 1.3.4cvs version, under Debian AMD64 SID.

A way to get this non-fonctionnal thing is to write a line with a
paragraph style, then you select 2 words and change the weight, and then
2 others and you change their color.

Save and come back. Usually it gives something quite weird with the
properties of words which are mixed, and/or translated to the other

Seems to be a really hardly-reproductive thing !


ORL (alias Yvette H.)

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