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HARENDAL .h harendalh
Tue May 22 20:58:09 CEST 2007

From: "Cedric Sagne" <cedric.sagne at poeware.com>

>I was wondering if you are planning to support CE characters at all.

**To answer you, completly,give me a mail address which work and not 
a Delivery Status Notification (Failure)... :-). In addition,  I believe to
remember that you write French.
May be possible to test something...

>Those characters are composed from a rather reduced set of diacritics but I 
>would be sooo happy >to use fonts supporting them (for example even 
>expensive Optima is awfully limited, down to no >support for the EUR 

** For your information
Albertis is a derivative work from URW-A0028 (open source) for albertus MT 
The optima which is so pleasant for you is available with the open
font URW-classico. In addition, these last are in unicode range managing the 
and include the Euro symbol and you can find all of them in the 
ghostpcl_1.41.tar.gz (TTF)


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