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2007/5/18, avox <avox at arcor.de>:
> Gora Mohanty-3 wrote:
> >
> > ...
> > 2. Spell-checking menu items: I am not sure where to add these, but am
> >    considering (a) at the top of the Extras menu, or (b) in a sub-menu
> >    under Extras > Aspell. I envisage three menu items: (a) Check
> >    Spelling, which operates a word at a time on selected text, (b)
> >    Autocheck Spelling, which checks every word in the current
> >    selection (I am not sure what this would mean in the context of
> >    Scribus, but probably something like a frame, or a page), and
> >    highlights mis-spelled words, e.g., by underlining them with a
> >    squiggly red line. (c) Choose Language / Settings which allows the
> >    user to reset some aspell parameters, such as the dictionary in
> >    use, on the fly. This is almost exactly a copy of the gedit
> >    interface, under the Tools menu.
> >
> In 1.3.4 there is a charstyle property "language()" which should be used
> for
> spellchecking, hyphenation and shortwords.

As an additionnal note, I think the default language for spellchecking
should be the GUI language of the app. On top of that, once the char style
are fully implemeted, the spellchecking could then by tributary to the
language selected for a particular stylesheet.  Could this be done on the
fly through an entire document where many languages would be used and each
would be spellchecked with the appropriate dictionary? Also, user has to
make a language choice when a text is not set using stylesheets. This then
calls for a dialog displaying the language it is set to and the ability to
change it from within that dialog.

Squiggly lines will have to wait for 1.3.6, since that requires changes to
> how
> the text is stored and displayed.
> Another possibility would be to integrate spellchecking with the Preflight
> Verifier.

Right. From a production point of view, having such a flag would be great.
Case: the Preflight raises a flag on a text, telling it discovered n errors.
This means that the wrong text may have been imported (not the final one).
Depending on the workflow, the user can turn to the proofreader or do the
job by himself. The flagged text can be corrected withing Scribus or, if
it's really bad, put back in the hands of the proofreader and re-imported
into Scribus once the job is done.

The use of a spellchecker should not mislead users and make them think a
piece of software could replace a proofreader... ;) To me, a proper workflow
means the texts are read, revised and proofread before they are put in the
layout. Everything fits tightly in a layout. A single word (even a single
glyph) added can change many things.


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