[Scribus] opening pdf files

Craig Ringer craig
Sat May 19 13:42:11 CEST 2007

xavier mas wrote:
> Hi list!
> I am a very new user of Scribus an I need to open pdf files in order to edit 
> them, but I can't open either any pdf or ps files. Seems that Scribus can 
> open only files created with its native extension, but I don't believe that.

Scribus can not open PDF and PostScript files to edit them like you are
probably expecting. As far as I know, no software can. The closest is
Adobe Acrobat Professional with an add-on like Enfocus PitStop - and
even with that wallet-breaking package PDF editing is neither very
full-featured nor completely reliable.

Scribus does not support working on PDF or PostScript directly.
Currently it can ONLY use PDF in an image frame by rasterising it with
GhostScript. It also supports this with PS, but you can also convert PS
to vectors with (most types of) image automatically extracted.

If you're looking for a generic PS/PDF editor, Scribus isn't what you're
after. It's PDF and PS support are geared more toward using those files
as part of your designs, as is typical in desktop publishing.

Craig Ringer

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