[Scribus] Saving Information From Fillable Forms

harry amarantidis harry302
Fri May 18 21:44:21 CEST 2007

Hello All,

I am new to Scibus and am looking for some information.

I need a general direction / tutorial / small code example for the

I wish to create pdf fillable forms. These forms are extensive and require
to be filled over several days.

I don't need a complete solution just enough to get started

The Functionality that I want is as follows:

Bring up fillable form.

Fill it out.

Press save to save data to a file.

When you bring up the form again it should read the data file and fill in
the appropriate text boxes.

When complete the user would press submit which would
1. save all of the data in a data file
2. bring up the default e-mail client and have the datafile as an attachment

I would then use the datafile to import it into a database

Any help would be appreciated

Harry A.
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