[Scribus] scratch space

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine
Thu May 17 09:47:33 CEST 2007


To those brave users of 1.3.4cvs: does scratch space actually work for you?

Here on two different computers and same distro (Ubuntu 7.04) is
doesn't work in two different ways.

Example 1. You go to 'Preferences - Display' and don;'t change
anything, just click 'OK'. Then distance between pages grows wildly up
to a meter. Yep - that's 100cm :) If you do it again, distance grows
to same value. (UbuntuStudio, based on Ubuntu 7.04)

Example 2. Whatever changes to scratch space you apply, it doesn't
change at all, no matter if any document is open or all are closed, if
you restart Scribus or if you don't.  (Ubuntu 7.04)

Does any of this happen to anyone else?


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