[Scribus] Indic Unicode Problem

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 16 04:20:27 CEST 2007

??.?????? | M.Mauran wrote:
> Dear Scribus,
> Scribus looks like a very good page making software. but I never use that.
> The reason is very simple. It is not supporting Indic _ Tamil unicode
> encoding.
> How is your stance  on this Indic issue. will you sort this problem
> out ever?
> Please give me a good answer
Not sure if this is the good answer you're looking for.
If you check here,


you'll see that roughly in version 1.3.6 support for "non-Latin"
languages is planned.

Currently, there is a lot of effort to finish 1.3.4 -- the developers
are hammering out some last bugs right now. The changes coming in 1.3.4
are some very essential ones involving major changes in font display and
control, focusing on the fonts/languages Scribus can currently handle.

My understanding from LGM2 is  that once 1.3.4 is out, 1.3.5 will follow
fairly soon, since that mainly represents the jump from Qt3  to Qt4.

Please keep checking back. There will be a need to have users able to
try out Indic and other language fonts when the time comes.


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