[Scribus] booklet printing

Tom Lechner lechner
Tue May 15 06:25:52 CEST 2007


On 05/14/2007 12:49:11 PM, scribus-request at nashi.altmuehlnet.de wrote:
> How difficult would it be to impliment such a function in scribus? I
> have seen the "booklet" function in some HP printer drivers on
> Windows, and PageStream at least USED to have a script that did it
> (and on the coding side, PageStream is a one-man operation. Is it
> acceptable for a one-man operation to accomplish more than the scribus
> TEAM?).

In case you're interested, I've been programming software called  
Laidout to do impositioning to booklets, and even to wacky flattened  
polyhedra with non-rectangular pages. It's currently not very  
thoroughly tested, and has no native text features (nor will it for a  
while), but it can import EPS files and print out PS with them:

So if you can figure out how to mass export all pages in a Scribus  
document as EPS (I haven't figured that out!) you can mass import them  
to Laidout for impositioning. Speaking of EPS, I used to be able to  
import to Scribus an EPS exported from Laidout that includes Bezier  
patch gradients and images with masks, but lately I can't seem to do  
that. Scribus seems to now insist on importing the EPS elements rather  
than the EPS as a whole, unless I'm missing something?

I'm working on a Scribus sla importer and exporter, but it'll be a few  
more weeks probably. Figuring out the multitude of tags in there as  
1.3.3.* goes on is a little tricky.

PS, here's a feature comparison to various DTP software (including  


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